Monday, July 27, 2020

3rd Demo Day

Another day of demo. Trip to the dump with most appliances, still need to get rid of the fridge.

Removed outlets, most cabling, fuse box, breaker box, AC interior cover, kitchen floor covering, and swept it up. We're going to pause here because we are in the process of buying a home on Bainbridge Island and will move Murasaki-chan there.

However, we still have not emptied the black water tank. We discovered it was full of "liquid" when we removed the toilet. Ewwww. We were ready to take her to the dump station and thankfully Naim checked to make sure all parts were there to do the deed.

Nope. For some reason the yellow colored part is missing. Had we opened the valve, it would have emptied the contents into the belly pan and all over the ground. Ewwww.

So we're not sure what to do next, probably pump it into 5 gallon buckets and dispose of it in the septic in the new place. But we are done working on her until we move.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

2nd Demo Day

Not many pictures this time, but I got the timelapse done.

Naim and I spent 6 hours working on it, it was a bit of a warm day so we setup a fan and opened the awnings.

We removed the furnace, water heater, shower pan, shower wall, some aluminum bracing from the bedroom, living room cabinet, carpet, carpet pad, fridge vent, wires, cables and pipes.

We found a floor safe, unlocked, with $150 inside. Score!

Next will be a dump run to empty the water tanks (when we removed the toilet we realized the black water thank was full) and a transfer station run to dispose of the old appliances.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

1977 Airstream Sovereign International (center bath) gut and remodel.

Last Sunday some intrepid friends and myself spent 6 hours or so removing most of the interior of my new to me Airstream, dubbed and known henceforth as Murasaki-chan.

She's a 1977 Airstream Sovereign International with a center bath and twin beds in the back. The twin beds were gone, but the PO had built a *very* strong platform "bed" that took a lot of work to disassemble.

End result

We found a number of strange things forgotten between walls and under counters:

This weekend the plan is to haul all the unclaimed parts to the dump and work on removing plumbing, electrical, vents and take a closer look at the frame. The floor on each end is rotten and does not support weight.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

I bought an Airstream!?

I made a video detailing why I bought the Airstream. Bear with me, this is my first go at videos.

Monday, July 13, 2020 is back

After many years, I have regained control of the domain I originally registered in my 20's. To spare my friends from endless posts on social media about my Airstream renovation, recipes I like, musings, articles I enjoy and other things, I'll be posting them here.