Wednesday, July 15, 2020

1977 Airstream Sovereign International (center bath) gut and remodel.

Last Sunday some intrepid friends and myself spent 6 hours or so removing most of the interior of my new to me Airstream, dubbed and known henceforth as Murasaki-chan.

She's a 1977 Airstream Sovereign International with a center bath and twin beds in the back. The twin beds were gone, but the PO had built a *very* strong platform "bed" that took a lot of work to disassemble.

End result

We found a number of strange things forgotten between walls and under counters:

This weekend the plan is to haul all the unclaimed parts to the dump and work on removing plumbing, electrical, vents and take a closer look at the frame. The floor on each end is rotten and does not support weight.

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